Rich Epstein Rhode Island Photographer

About Rich Epstein

A native Rhode Islander, Rich Epstein has always had a passion for storytelling whether through writing, theater or his most treasured medium – photography.  

Rich has nearly 35 years of fine arts experience. Epstein began honing his craft as a Theater major at the University of Rhode Island as well as becoming an accomplished     stand-up comedian.  His passion for the theater was only surpassed by his interest in visual arts.   Rich has been an avid photographer since his youth.   Having spent the past twenty years as a real estate agent in Rhode Island, he has developed a keen sense for architecture and real estate photography.  

Rich is also a licensed and insured drone pilot and is able to add aerial photo and video services as well.  

Transforming a passion into a business took some time to get comfortable with, but the response has been very promising.  Epstein continues storytelling with a camera as his pen, paper, brush and easel.  Besides architectural photography, Rich has carved a niche for himself as a sought after portrait and event photographer.

Rich is the proud father of 23 year old boy / girl twins and lives in Cranston with his over indulged dog, Chandler.


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