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Rich Epstein Photographer FL

Hi and thank you for visiting my website! I have always had a passion for storytelling whether through writing, theater, my most treasured medium – photography. I have nearly 35 years of fine arts experience. I began to hone my craft as a Theater major at the University of Rhode Island as well as becoming an accomplished local stand-up comedian.  My passion for the theater was only surpassed by my interest in visual arts.   I began a lifelong love affair with the camera at ten years old during a summer camp exercise. Initially put off by the “boring” activity, once I saw the piece of blank paper transform into what my mind’s eye froze in time I was obsessed. I cannot draw or paint, so having the ability to translate a visual composition into permanence was life altering. 

Having spent the past twenty two years as a real estate agent in Rhode Island, I have has developed a keen sense for architecture and real estate photography. As with many people, my life changed significantly with the restrictions that followed Covid-19. My real estate business suffered and to compensate I began to offer photography services for real estate, portraiture, headshots and small events. Transforming a passion into a business took some time to get comfortable with, but the response has been overwhelmingly positive. I’ve recently moved to South Florida, and am looking to cultivate my business here. I am also a licensed and insured drone pilot, able to add aerial photo and video services as well. So, with the blessing from my 24 year old twins and faithful pooch Chandler, I’ve decided to write the next chapter of my life in Florida. I would love the opportunity to work with you!

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