Rich Epstein Rhode Island Commercial Photographer

What is Commercial Photography?
Any imaging for business usage is considered Commercial Photography. Commercial Photography, therefore, has a wide range of content. But anything within the parameters of Commercial Photography can best be explained as an introduction to your product, service or brand. That first look into your business must be professional and emotion inducing. I have always maintained:

People do business with two kinds of people. People they know, and people they feel are like themselves.

From a manufactured product to a business headshot, the viewer must resonate and align themselves with the company or person. Only with professional photography can your images portray that message. We are visual beings. Professional imaging will also help raise the perception of your business and in the consumers mind, thus increasing the value of the products and services that your business provides. Expert commercial photography will help differentiate you and your brand from competitors. Unprofessional images will have the direct opposite effect and will negate your message and reach.

Commercial Photographic Services Include:
Location Photography
Including office / architectural interiors & exteriors.
industrial, construction progress, retail, food, and corporate / government work.
Studio Photography
Food photography, product photography, business and corporate portraits, and advertising photography.
Post Production
Professional Image Retouching.
Image Output Options – web-ready files, to hard copy prints.
Let’s talk about your specific needs and configure a plan of action together!


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